Dwarves are native to the continent of Telerann. For the most part, Dwarves live in underground cities, called Moors. Moors are built over or around vast mineral deposits which the dwarves then mine and fashion into objects of value. Dwarven nations consist of a large central Moor and several smaller Moors and outposts. Dwarven nations tend to be small but densely populated. All nations are ruled by a King, usually a direct descendant of the nations founder. Each Moor is typically inhabited by a single clan made up of dozens of family lines. Each family line typically specializes in a single occupation. To prevent overspecialization, dwarven parents arrange marriages for their children into other family lines with different skills, thus helping to foster unity.

The Dwarves of Lorsandus take pride in the fact that they can trace their history back two and a half thousand years, to the collapse of the Haolokar Empire. Following that collapse, dwarven technomancers forged the great Technocracy, enslaving elemental spirits to power their machinery. The Technocracy was lost when the slaves revolted, driving the dwarves from their ancestral Moors. Small outposts suddenly became centers for refugees and many ancient noble bloodlines were lost. Most modern dwarven nobles trace their ancestry back to this time. In Lorsandus the Cordististan Nation built the Stormskade Moor during the time of the Technocracy. Following the Technocracy’s destruction the Stormskade was renamed the Toerdon Moor. The Toerdon Moor was destroyed by the Mad King of Saraloth just over four hundred years ago. Survivors built the Lynslegge Moor in the neighboring mountain range. Since then the Lynslegge Moor has dominated the main trade route from Lorsandus to the Palanian empire.

The Lynslegge Moor (literally the Storm Hammer Moor) began existence as an outpost of the Toerdon Moor. When the Thunder Clan fell to the Mad King of Saraloth, a few chose to stay, travelling to the Storm Hammer Moor and expanding it. Today the Storm Hammer Moor consists of some twenty thousand dwarves housed in the main moor and five satellite Moors. The Storm Hammer Clan is famed for its weapon smiths and copper smiths. The Moor trades dominantly with the Kingdom of Lorsandus, requiring food, timber and furs in exchange for its weapons and copperware. Non dwarven visitors are restricted to the Merchants quarters just within the gates of the Moor, whilst the majority of the population live in the nine great halls beyond.

Raonos, God of the Forge, Smith of Heaven is the most widely worshipped among dwarves. They also respect Scalus the Even Handed, God of justice and rulers and Crowm the War God. Geos the elemental Lady of Earth has a special place among dwarven miners also.

Dwarves speak and write a language called Sydmeget, a dialect spoken predominantly by dwarves in the western half of the continent for a thousand years. Dwarven writing during the time of the Technocracy was Ogtsponkt. The transition took around four hundred years. Any dwarven merchant worth his gold can also speak the common human tongue and read and write High Tervish, the language of human contracts and laws.


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